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Other Activities

boardpicA Year-long Summer Wonderland

Cayman Island Vacations are at the heart of every adventurer’s bucket list. And why not? When a destination offers you the warmth of the sun even during the frigid winter months of the north, it is hard to pass up. Not only will you have a break from winter, but you’ll never run out of things to do in the Grand Cayman! With our Cayman Island vacation packages, you’ll be able to fully enjoy and appreciate water sport activities and beautiful scenic tours. During the daytime, you can go on tours to see Mangrove Forests and Starfish Point. You can also paddleboard at your own pace, and enjoy the beauty of the sea on your own. Jet skiing is an option for those who wish to be more adventurous and brave the waves. At night, Cayman Island vacations from the Sweet Spot also include guided kayak and boat trips to bio bays for a bioluminescence viewing–a rare beauty when combined with the crystal clear waters of this paradise.

The Destination that Keeps on Giving

Watersports and scenic views–you will never want for activity or beauty when visiting Cayman Islands. The country has a wealth of landmarks and experiences to share with guests, from diverse natural environments, rich culture and heritage, to pristine beaches. Cayman Islands is an incredibly rewarding destination for those able to travel to the Caribbean.

Another popular activity in Cayman Islands is the Stingray City Boat Tours that Sweet Spot offers.
With so many things to do and so many places to go, planning an itinerary may become confusing. Sweet Spot offers to arrange your travel plans with our Grand Cayman vacation packages, so you can enjoy all there is in Cayman Islands and finally experience your long-overdue vacation!

Cayman Islands

Mangrove Tour

Mangrove Forest are some of the most important ecosystems in the tropics. Often overlooked, the mangroves dominate 75% of the tropical coastline and contribute massive amounts of nutrients to environment. While protecting coastlines from erosion, the mangroves are also the nursery of a multitude of species.

At the Sweet Spot we like to share with people the serenity and intricate beauty of the mangroves. A kayak or SUP tour with one of informative guides will teach you about this one of a kind ecosystem. Learn the different techniques that these unique plants use to deal with harsh conditions, from the leaves to the roots the mangroves are special. It is a nice way to enjoy the quietest parts of the island.

Our Mangrove Tours in Cayman Islands are by kayak, SUP or boat. Leaving from Kaibo, we have direct access to the largest Marine Park in Cayman which is home to Red, White and Black mangroves.

Starfish Point

Starfish Point is one of the most scenic vistas on Grand Cayman

 Sticking out into the North Sound, Starfish Point offers a collections of views, nature and fun. It is Called Starfish Point because of the abundant local red starfish that populates that area. Feeding off the nutrient rich water that is coming from the nearby Marine Park and Mangrove Forest.

 The area is also popular with humans who enjoy the area for its watersports, fishing and boating. There is a nice beach for swimming and relaxing with views of almost the entire island. It is a great place to spend a few minutes or a few hours.

Starfish Point is easily accessible from Kaibo Beach and we offer guided tours by kayak, SUP and boat daily. Our informative guide will take you on the a tour of the area while providing information about the starfish, Marine Park and island in general.

The Kayak and SUP tours are easy and suitable for adults and small children. Departing from The Sweet Spot Kaibo for a 1 hour tour.

 Cost is US$30/person

Stingray City Jet-ski Tours

A fun and entertaining way to enjoy the ocean where you are the Captain of your own vessel. Enjoy a guided tour to Sting Ray City and snorkeling stops on our jet-ski tours for a chance to navigate the waters on your own while our experienced guides show you some of the best scenery the Caribbean has to offer. We also provide jet-ski rentals by the hour or by the day, an exciting way to be your own tour guide and explore the beautiful seas surrounding Cayman’s East End.

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