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Best Kitesurfing locations – Caribbean

How is the best way to learn to kiteboard? Where is the best place? How long will it take me to learn?

These questions we answer almost daily. When people want to learn how to kiteboard there are more questions than answers. Finding reliable and up-to-date information on the web can be a confusing ordeal, so in this post we look to help clear up the learning process that happens when people are learning how to be safe and independent kiteboarders.

First, it is important to view the learning process, as a process. Kiteboarding is more than just riding the board; there are a lot of skills that are needed to get to that point. Or course, riding the board is most people’s priority, but is should be viewed as one of many goals in the learning process. Other goals include: launching and landing your kite, retrieving your board and kite, upwind riding.

So when you learn to kiteboard, it is important to find a location and school that allows you to practice these skills, while being in a safe, kiter-friendly environment. The easier it is to focus on each skill, the easier and faster it is to learn. Being in large, open and uncrowded area, preferably with warm steady wind and waist deep water will speed up your learning curve.

It is also important to learn with an instructional method that teaches fundamental skills that will lead to better riding, once you are ready. Skills such as powering and depowering your kite, one and two-handed flying and efficient relaunching will also speed up learning. Spending some time learning these skills takes the important part, of riding the board, from a haphazard attempt to a controlled waterstart.

At the Sweet Spot we only use locations that are perfect for learning. We use large, uncrowded and shallow sandbars for the “skills progression”. Then we have long open areas with plenty of room for “waterstart/riding progression”. Plus we use support boats, so your instructor is nearby at all times. And radio helmets so communication is clear and timely. Being able to hear your instructor at all times is essential for learning quickly.

When considering schools for learning to kiteboard, remember that cost of lesson is not as important as quality of lesson. Sometimes it is better to pay a bit more, as long as the instruction actually reduces your learning time. A little research will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Visit the Sweet Spot to find high quality instruction at a good value. Contact us today to schedule your lesson.

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