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Bright Bio-luminescence in Cayman and Honduras!

Spectacular light shows from multiple types of bioluminescent organisms!!

 Not only are the conditions in the Bio Bay excellent right now, but the glowing Threadworms put on some of their best displays ever this Full Moon period.

Threadworm-bio-300x300 Bioluminescent Threadworms are small worms that give off a big light display during their monthly mating rituals. When the females swim to the surface and lays her “eggs” in a bioluminescent mucus sack while glowing herself. The males see this glowing signal from below and dart to the surface to fertilize the eggs, as they glow in multiple colors. Truly a sight to be seen.

 Seeing this bioluminescent ritual requires good time and good luck. The worms only do their mating a couple days after the full moon and only for 1 hour after sunset. Usually illuminating in groups in small areas for 10-15 minutes, then vanishing for the night.

 Fortunately our tours have been in the right place at the right time and we have been surrounded by 100s of glowing worms, lighting up the water like Chinese lanterns.

 Want to experience this amazing phenomenon? Contact us to arrange your tour in the Cayman Islands or Guanaja, Honduras. Home of 2 of the brightest Bio Bays in the World!

 We do tours by boat, kayak or stand-up paddleboard each night that the conditions allow.

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