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Foilboard lessons are now available

Check out the future of kiteboarding! Foilboarding is an incredible feeling and an awesome way to travel across the water

Hydrofoiling has been around for 30+ years in a variety of watersports, including: sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing and even kiteboarding. But recently foilboard in kiteboarding has seen explosive growth in the number of people trying this combination. Thanks to light-weight construction and newer designs, it is easy to see why foilboarding is here to stay. The feeling of crusing ABOVE the water is an indescribable feeling, one that you have to experience for yourself.

 Now The Sweet Spot can help you get to that feeling of foiling easier than ever. We are now offering foilboarding lessons, rental and services. Try out the new MHL Custom Lift boards with the guidance of our instructors.

 Learning to foil is a lot like learning to kiteboard with a twin tip. Even the most experienced kiters will have to go through the learning curve again. Including going downwind until you can figure it all out. Our lessons will help you progress faster with an instructor following you with a boat. Then we offer downwind pick-up as you practice on your own, and once you have it mastered we offer board rental.

Foilboard Lessons Pricelist

1hr of Private Foilboard Instruction = US$150    *includes board rental

1hr of Supervised Foilboarding = US$75               *includes board rental

1hr of Foilboard rental   = US$35

3hr of Foilboard rental   = US$50

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