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Mangrove Tour

Marine Life Keepers

Mangrove-kayak-river-150x150Mangrove Tours are a popular activity for guests in Cayman Islands. Mangrove forests are among the most important ecosystems in the tropics. They grow in estuaries–the meeting place of salt and freshwater, and serve as a nursery to a lot of newborn marine life. It’s not just underwater species that find themselves a home among the mangroves. Birds, families of reptiles, and other members of the animal kingdom reside in the security of mangroves. Mangroves not only provide shelter to living creatures, they also serve to protect coastlines from erosion and provide nutrients for the environment.

At Sweet Spot, we offer stand up paddleboard tours (SUP Tours) and guided mangrove tours on boats for those who wish to witness the beauty of nature up close. Our naturalist guides will show you the most scenic areas of the Grand Cayman, while sharing knowledge and facts about the flora, fauna, and other inhabitants of the mangroves.

Our mangrove tours’ starting point is Kaibo, where we will direct you toward the home of Red, White, and Black mangroves, and their occupants.

Mangrove Tours

Guided Kayaks, Boat and Paddleboard tours are 1.5 hours and are US$40/person. Includes all necessary equipment and informative guide.

Mangrove & Starfish Point Combo Tour
2 Hours Guided Kayak, Boat and Paddleboard tours to Mangrove Forest and Starfish Point.  Cost is US$60/person. Includes all necessary equipment and informative guide. Moderate paddle of 3 miles

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