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The Sweet Spot is now a MHL Lift Foilboarding dealer


The Sweet Spot is always trying to keep up with the evolution of kiteboarding, and foilboarding is the latest advancement in kiting that is changing the direction of the sport. So we are excited to announce that we are now an official MHL Lift Foilboard school and dealer!

We already have 1 board in Cayman, and we will soon be getting more for both Cayman and Honduras. These foilboards are pretty amazing; everybody who tries them falls in love. Not only is it a great feeling to be hovering above the water, but now you can kite in so much less wind. No longer is a 9 knot day considered “no-wind”. With a foilboard you can be powered up on a 10m, cruising upwind and even jumping!!

Damo-and-Brandon-foiling-150x150 There are some sharp parts to the board, and it is a whole new learning curve to pick up. So The Sweet Spot is offering lessons on foils to keep you safe and help you learn fast. Once you have completed our training program we also offer board rental.

Contact us today to schedule your time on the foils, or let us know if you are ready to purchase your own

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