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Cayman Islands

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Grand Cayman is the largest among the three Cayman Islands, and it has some of the best watersport opportunities in the Caribbean, if not the world. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has risen in popularity with tourists wanting to explore the beaches, and mangrove forests and surf the waves. The smattering of small islands combined with the clear waters make paddleboarding an easy activity to pick up, practice and master overnight. In addition, the Cayman Islands have one of the best bioluminescent bays in the world. This amazing night-time glowing attraction is a “must-see”, and is best observed during the new moon.

How can the first time traveller take advantage of all that these exotic locations have to offer? Fortunately the Sweet Spot offers Cayman Island vacation packages including watersport adventures, tours and lessons all year long. We have 2 locations on Grand Cayman–one is located on the famous Kaibo Yacht Club on Northside, Grand Cayman. The other is located on the Little Sound, which allows access to the Marine Parks, Mangrove Forest, Starfish Point and Bio Bay. It is the perfect place to spend the day paddling, relaxing, basking under the sun, or just simply enjoying.

Our location is perfectly situated on a wide beach on the windward side of Grand Cayman. The area called East End is known for its tranquil feel. Partner this with the barrier reef completely enclosing the east side of the island, and you can enjoy amazing flatwater conditions inside the reef. And when the wind is not blowing strongly, you can paddleboard, kayak, dive and snorkel. We offer Bioluminescence and Mangrove Tours as well. For those who don’t wish to transport their gear during travel, we also offer gear rentals and sell equipment for convenient enjoyment of the watersport activities.

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The Cayman Islands have ideal weather conditions year round! They have a tropical climate, meaning air temperatures average between 70-90F degrees all year. Winters are a bit cooler and drier, but still remain warm, while summers are hotter and more humid. The busiest time of the year is usually from August to October.

The wind in the Cayman Islands can blow steadily all year. Usually the strongest winds are during the winter months, when frontal systems from the north enhance the NE tradewinds. From October to April, there is a good chance for strong and consistent winds. During the summer months the wind is lighter and more variable, but can accommodate a huge range of watersport activities. Typical winds during winter range from 15-25 knots, mainly from the NE and E. In the summer the winds are between 10-20 knots from the E and SE. Tropical storms in the summer and fall can bring strong winds or rain. But no matter what the weather conditions are, Sweet Spot has a diverse range of watersport adventures you can choose from!

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