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Kiteboarding Carnival in Honduras

Celebrate Carnival Honduras-style with the colorful 10 day Conch Festival

Guanaja carnival Every year there is a 10-day long party on the island of Guanaja that can compete with any Caribbean Carnival. Each day there is a parade and party in different villages and beaches around the island. It is a fun way to see the whole island! This year’s event goes from July 26th-August 3rd, 2014

 The Sweet Spot Honduras loves a good party, so during Carnival we like to put on a show for the island’s best kiteboarding action. During The Conch Festival, as it is know on-island, we will be doing kiteboarding and paddleboarding demonstrations daily. Plus the day of the party at Graham’s Place (July 27th) there will be kiteboarding display featuring Professional kiteboarder, Brandon Bowe, jumping off of ramps and sliders in front of the party on the beach.

 Brandon is a hard-charging young Pro kiteboarder that has been making waves in the industry by winning competitions in his unique style. Making technical tricks look effortless, but also excelling at smooth riding waves and foilboards. Not only is Brandon a great rider, but he is an excellent teacher. He can teach all levels of kiters, from beginner to very advanced with patience and passion.

 For the last 2 weeks of July, including all of Carnival, Brandon will be doing kiteboarding demonstrations and offering lessons. From 1st time kite flyers to aspiring Pro Riders that want to learn how to hit kickers and sliders

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