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sweet spot watersports The Sweet Spot is your one stop shop for all things watersports. Located on the tranquil North Side of Grand Cayman, our company provides multiple different excursions for anyone looking to enjoy the beautiful nature we are surrounded by. We use modern, top-of-the-line equipment, practice precautionary procedures, and are constantly coming up with ways to make our services memorable and enjoyable for our customers. With over a decade of experience, we know water sport activities like no other in the business. Our experienced guides offer fun and exciting tours to Stingray City, the mangrove forest, or Starfish Point by day. As well as guided tours into the glowing phenomenon known as the Bioluminescence Bay by night. If fishing is your pleasure, we offer private fishing charters as well as snorkel tours for any sized group. We pride ourselves here at The Sweet Spot in our excellent customer service and would love to show you first hand just how much fun there is to be had on Cayman’s North Side.

Team Section

Jefferson Tatum

Jefferson Tatum

Hometown: East End, Guanaja, Honduras
Ratings: PASA Kite Instructor, SUP coach, Kayak Guide
Favorite place in the world: Guanaja, Honduras
Favorite trick: Back-roll transition with hand drag
Favorite board you have ridden: 2012 Cabrinha Caliber 130cm
Place you would like to visit: Havana, Cuba
Person (dead or alive) that you would like meet: George Jones – Country singer


Born and raised on a small island off the coast of Honduras called Guanaja. Jefferson lived the life of nature and the sea, spending most his life fishing, boating, swimming and enjoying nature and the beauty of his island.

A couple years ago Jefferson saw fellow instructor Mike Minichiello kiting off the coast of his hometown and he figured he had to try that. He first started working at  The Sweet Spot Honduras as a kite pumper and boat rescue guy, while learning to kite himself. Eventually working his way up to be a Jr. Instructor and then a fully certified PASA Kite Instructor.  He was a fast learner and is always pushing himself to learn new tricks.. He now splits his time between Honduras and Cayman, following the wind and the work between the 2 islands. Always positive and ready to help, with his favorite saying is “No problemo”.    

Mariana 'Jury' Forbes

Mariana “Jury” Forbes

Music: Country
Ocean Activity: Kite-surfing
Food from home: Balijadas
Food from Cayman: Conch Steak
Sea Creature: Dolphin

Jury has also found a great way to use her love for the ocean as a Sweet Spot Employee. She moved to Cayman from Guanaja, Honduras and has been with us for several years now. She enjoys both doing the Bio-luminescence and Stingray City Tours.

Her favorite thing about the Bio Bay is to get out and swim in it, “I love swimming in the Bay, it’s so amazing the way your body seems to just light up when you get in the water.” One of the main items on her bucket list is to try skydiving, judging from that and her love for kite-surfing and ocean life, you can tell that she’s a fun and exciting person to have on our team.

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